Address: 5405 Morehouse Drive, Suite 330 San Diego, CA 92121 | Phone: (858) 558-7707
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San Diego Psychology Services

Dr. Fuller  works with each person individually to construct a useful approach to problem resolution in as efficient and cost-effective a manner as possible. Brief consulting services are offered which address areas in which a person feels “blocked” or somehow unable to perform at their best. Most commonly these shorter sessions are in the areas of financial prosperity, forming healthy relationships, and peak performance in business or sports.

He offers a comprehensive method of psychotherapy integrating concepts from the humanistic gestalt, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, energy psychology, and positive psychology fields.

Dr. Fuller also has extensive training in working with issues related to being highly gifted and/or talented, such as; lack of motivation, underachievement, procrastination, sensitivity, low tolerance for frustration, and relationship problems.

Dr. Fuller has extensive experience and expertise with addictions, including sex addiction and compulsive overeating. He also has considerable experience with all types of anxiety disorders, as well as chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and smoking cessation.