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S. James

When I met Dr. Fuller I was at the lowest point in my life. I was suffering from debilitating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) resulting from two combat tours in Iraq. I also suffered PTSD symptoms from experiencing the death of my father and enduring a rather caustic divorce prior to my military service. The combination of these traumas incapacitated me to the point of nearly total withdrawal from society and interaction with everyone, including my wife. I was unable to pursue any kind of sustainable income, and my personal relationships suffered severely.

I sought traditional treatment through the Veterans Administration upon my discharge from the military. This type of treatment only worsened the PTSD symptoms. It was difficult for me to even consider professional treatment after the VA. I refused to see any other traditional therapists for fear of similar results. It was at that time that a close friend of my wife introduced me to the field of energy medicine, and referred me to Dr. Fuller. I was reluctant and had little hope of ever healing from my experiences. Looking back now, I am certain that the decision to seek help from Dr. Fuller was one of the primary determinants of my life. I had only one 90-minute session with him; simply, because that was all I needed. He cleared the energy blockages that resulted from the traumas, and freed me from the pain of my experiences. I encountered a sense of peace and enlightenment that I never knew before. I returned to myself. It has been five years, and I still carry that gift with me today. I am forever grateful.

Kimba Buske, CMT

Dr. Russell Fuller is as gifted a healer as he is because he cares.  The depth of his caring was the first impression I had of him, and this trait, I believe, is what led him to dedicate himself to learning far more effective methods of helping people than traditional psychology could offer.  This is the nature of gaining access to those influences that are hidden to our awareness.  He has been there for me at those moments in life where subconscious blocks kept me from moving forward or from experiencing presence.  Each instance these blocks were removed with ease and I experienced drastic changes in my conscious state and affairs.  From lifting plagues of anxiety and fears to opening my world to prosperity I never before imagined; I am blessed to know such a widely versed psychologist with experiential knowledge in the study and practice of consciousness and the nature of that which blocks our greater potential.  I recommend many people to Dr. Fuller in the joy of knowing I am offering them a gift that will deeply touch their lives.

Cathleen M
I can’t begin to thank you for all you have done for me. Your techniques are beyond what I have encountered anywhere else. Your combination of cognitive therapy and energetic work is like putting a turbo on an engine. My life shifted immediately! I have recommended you to my family, friends, and clients, and everyone agrees, your methods work, and work incredibly well!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

David C
The techniques and methods Dr. Fuller uses are effective because they work at all levels, spiritual, emotional and physical. This alignment creates feelings of well being that are lasting. I notice that issues that used to be overwhelming simply don’t exist for me anymore. Another great thing is knowing that when challenges do occur there are simple and effective tools available to feel better quickly.
Gratefully, Tommy T
Dear Russ…

This is to thank you so much for helping me with quitting smoking.

I have tried to seriously quit on my own and with other help for about the last 10 years. To NO avail!

I tried the patch. I tried gum. I tried zyban. I tried will power. I tried being bribed ($10/day for the first 100 days). I tried with and without a solemn oath.

Nothing worked. I was off once for 5 1/2 months but when relationship issues came up I went right back to cigarettes.

I know that the work we did with EFT, tapping, clearing, affirmations and everything else you and I did made the difference. I’m not sure how or why and I really don’t care. I have been smoke free for over 18 months. That is the longest time in the last 31 years!

My desire to smoke at certain times has become less and less. I will not say that at no time do I want to smoke. There just seems to be something different now that enables me to think the cigarette through to the inevitable outcome. I AM a puff away from a pack a day! I have actually had days where I truly did NOT want to smoke. The urges are fewer and less frequent.

Thank you again…

Dr. Russell Fuller and the energy work he has done for me has been completely life changing. I honestly wouldn’t have the peace and freedom that I have in my life today without it. I have never before experienced such a dramatic impact in such a short and painless amount of time. I honestly wish the whole world could experience this amazing gift.
My work in therapy with Dr Fuller has been nothing short of life-changing. In only a few sessions, using energy psychology techniques, I have been able to address and resolve core issues that have affected my life for years. Those issues simply no longer exist for me. Something that I never was able to achieve in many years of traditional psychotherapy. I feel as though I have finally found the pathway to my true, authentic self.