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Treatment Philosophy

The Return to Self

Dr. Fuller helps people to emerge from the morass of confusion, unhappiness, disconnection and lack of purpose which plagues so many Americans in order to live a more fulfilling, authentic life. There is something wonderful in each of us that all too often remains obscured or totally buried under countless layers of programs, ideas, and suppositions that masquerade as “truth”, separating us from our authentic, higher selves and blocking us from realizing our personal destinies.

We have somehow learned to tell ourselves at the deepest levels to “shut up”, suppressing and repressing ideas and feelings which then present as symptoms that we immediately attempt to eliminate without considering that said symptoms actually may be trying to tell us something important.  For example, Dr. Fuller has found a strong connection between repressed feelings of guilt and anger, and the exacerbation of chronically painful conditions such as fibromyalgia and Lyme disease.

Depression and anxiety disorders are at epidemic proportions in America, yet we continue to allow ourselves to be driven by fear: fear of being alone, fear of being abandoned, fear of not having “enough”, etc. We labor under the burden of demanding that everything be subject to proof; that the invisible must be made visible or it cannot exist.

While quantum physics is now verifying what spiritual teachers have been attempting to convey to us for millenia, the Western soul appears to be in danger of “floating in a stratosphere where it cannot breathe”, as psychologist and philosopher James Hillman wrote.

A Comprehensive Approach

Dr. Fuller offers a comprehensive method of psychotherapy which integrates concepts from the humanistic, gestalt, psychodymanic, cognitive-behavioral, energy psychology, and positive psychology fields. He works with each person individually to construct a useful approach to problem resolution in as efficient and cost-effective a manner as possible. Brief consulting services are offered which address areas in which a person feels “blocked” or somehow unable to perform at their best. Most commonly these are in the areas of financial prosperity, forming healthy relationships, and peak performance in business or sports.

Although many people seek his help for brief support or change, Dr. Fuller is passionate about doing long term, or depth work.

Some are driven to do this work as a result of traumatic backgrounds, and others do it in order to make the most of their lives and/or to evolve spiritually. Such work usually requires a minimum of one year, an average of five years, and can last even longer. This type of work requires tremendous courage and fortitude, and is rare in our culture of quick fixes and denial. If you have tried everything and feel stuck or hopeless, Dr. Fuller would be honored to help you decide if this work is for you.