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Releasing Trauma

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Few people realize how much trauma affects their lives. Unresolved trauma can result in fearfulness and anxiety, decreased tolerance for stress, depression, relationship problems, career problems, decreased physical health and a suppressed immune response.  In many cases, untreated PTSD can leave a person totally disabled.

san-diego-trauma-counselingTrauma can be obvious, such as rape or having a friend die in one’s arms, or it can be more subtle, as manifested in the form of loss of those close to us, traumatic breakups, loss of pets, getting fired, accidents which affect one’s ability to do the things he/she loves, etc.

Traditional Treatment is Slow

The traditional approach to trauma has been to have people recount their experience over and over with a compassionate therapist until little or no distress remained, at least consciously. This process is very slow and very painful; no wonder so many people avoid doing trauma work!

Newer Methods Work Quickly and Effectively

Newer methods, such as EMDR and energy psychology, enable people to recover much more quickly and less painfully than through traditional approaches. Some of these, such as TAT and EFT, are being taught around the world for use in disaster situations and are providing relief for many people. Though only a handful of studies exist to date, energy psychology is proving to be a superior method for treating anxiety, which is the most prevalent symptom of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

Dr. Fuller was one of the first 70 therapists in the world to earn the Diplomate certification in comprehensive energy psychology, which represents the highest formal level of expertise currently available in this exciting and growing area. He also trains clients, as well as other health care professionals, to use these techniques themselves to improve coping and to enjoy an improved quality of life.

Please keep in mind that, although with new methods trauma itself can often be treated quite rapidly, changing the underlying stories and behaviors around the original traumas often requires years of work. After doing his own trauma work, and treating hundreds of patients suffering from various forms of post traumatic stress disorder, Dr. Fuller can help you recover.