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Issues with Giftedness

Dr. Fuller offers coaching and/or psychotherapy which specifically helps adolescents and adult gifted embrace their gifts, release damaging misconceptions about themselves, and lead fully creative, passionate and engaged lives.

Dr. Fuller provides assistance in the following areas:

  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Perfectionism
  • Depression
  • Motivation
  • Being Hypercitical of Self and/or Others
  • Relationship Issues Particular to the Gifted Population
  • Self-Esteem
  • Sensitivity
  • Peak Performance

Dr. Fuller’s Experience with the Gifted Population

therapy-for-gifted-peopleThe recognition and nurturance of giftedness in the United States lags behind that of some other countries. Unfortunately, many of our brightest, most creative and independent thinkers are being incorrectly diagnosed with mental disorders that pathologize traits and characteristics that are actually normal among the gifted population. These children and adults receive pathological labels which injure their sense of self, perhaps so that they may be more acceptable to schools, families, and society. It is analogous to the phenomenon in which one crab, about to escape the bucket, is pulled back down by the other crabs.

There is widespread ignorance among healthcare professionals about what constitutes “normal” in the gifted/creative/talented population. Diagnoses are frequently dispensed based on symptoms or outward characteristics of giftedness, such as perfectionism, sensitivity, and intensity, without considering context and with little understanding aboutĀ such persons. Few physicians, psychologists, therapists or teachersĀ are educated about even the most common characteristics of giftedness.

Dr. Fuller spent an entire year in a professional program specifically learning about giftedness and how to nurture it. Gifted persons are more likely than others to suffer from unrealistic expectations of themselves and others, feelings of isolation, underachievement, procrastination and a sense of disconnectedness from self and others. Being more sensitive, gifted persons often lose themselves in pleasing or meeting the needs of others or even society, thereby losing access to their deeper selves and creativity.

Coaching for Parents of Gifted Children

Coaching services are also offered to assist parents of gifted children or adolescents to better nurture and encourage their childs’ gifts. Motivation is complex among gifted youth, and sometimes a critical piece of information or a slight adjustment in parents’ behavior or attitude can result in profound changes in the gifted child.