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Smoking Cessation

therapy-to-quit-smokingIf you are ready to quit smoking, Dr. Fuller can help!

Drawing on experience and expertise in the areas of consciousness research, energy psychology and energy medicine, hypnosis, and cognitive therapy, he has developed a method which has proven extremely effective in helping clients to overcome this life threatening addiction.

Dr. Fuller’s smoking cessation therapy involves recordings, lasting anywhere from five to fifteen minutes, which seem to make a tremendous difference for people. The testimonial below is not unusual.

Gratefully, Tommy T
Dear Russ…

This is to thank you so much for helping me with quitting smoking.

I have tried to seriously quit on my own and with other help for about the last 10 years. To NO avail!

I tried the patch. I tried gum. I tried zyban. I tried will power. I tried being bribed ($10/day for the first 100 days). I tried with and without a solemn oath. Nothing worked. I was off once for 5 1/2 months but when relationship issues came up I went right back to cigarettes.

I know that the work we did with EFT, tapping, clearing, affirmations and everything else you and I did made the difference. I’m not sure how or why and I really don’t care.

I have been smoke free for over two years. That is the longest time in the last 31 years!

My desire to smoke at certain times has become less and less. I will not say that at no time do I want to smoke. There just seems to be something different now that enables me to think the cigarette through to the inevitable outcome. I AM a puff away from a pack a day! I have actually had days where I truly did NOT want to smoke. The urges are fewer and less frequent.

Thank you again.